Why LRH Search and Rescue Dogs are Exceptional

 What is a Leroy Ranch Hand?

Leroy’s Ranch Hands are dogs who are not able to meet the rigor of full-time ranch work but still have the drive and the athleticism for performance.  It is my vocation to match individualized professional training with each Ranch Hand’s innate desire, aptitude, and temperament.  I work to find what the Ranch Hand wants to do and what is fun and healthy for the dog.  Want to help a dog who needs a new life and has the heart to love and perform?  This is a fantastic program!

Search and Rescue

Leroy’s Ranch Hands has a wonderful SAR program.  The dogs in this program LOVE their job.  It is a fun and intellectually challenging game to them.  Keeping SAR work funDSCN1118 is essential.  These Ranch Hands are emotionally invested in their job and in pleasing their handler.

Search and Rescue Ranch Hands for Individuals, Families, and your Community

Individual Fun!

There are many opportunities for people with a SAR Ranch Hand.  The AKC has a brilliant tracking competition.  This is fun and a great way to work with people and your dog.

Keeping Loved Ones Safe

SAR Ranch Hands are a wonderful match for people who might have memory challenges.  If you are a caregiver of a loved one who is going through this, we can train a Ranch Hand to scent out your specific loved one.  This way, if they do get lost, you have an immediate recourse.

SAR Ranch Hands and your Community

25075183_10214818483565454_1118785827954775038_oDo you belong to a community who sees the value in a SAR dog?  These dogs help in many ways in addition to finding the Lost.  For instance, most are Therapy Dog Internationally Certified.  This means they have passed their TDI test with their handler and are ready to pass it with you!  Once this occurs, SAR Ranch Hands can not only be called out when a community member goes missing but can visit community members and give emotional support.

SAR Ranch Hands on your Team

SAR Ranch Hands work as your teammate. SAR Ranch Hands respect that you are at the end of the lead.  They will plunge up mountains, down creek beds, and through most any terrain.  But they also release the pressure when told.  This does not distract them from their hunt.  Ranch Hands have superb obedience training. On or off leash, SAR Ranch Hands are top performers.

If you want to enjoy AKC tracking competitions, help your community, and keep your loved ones safe, SAR Ranch Hands are ready to be on your team!  Help a dog who needs a new life and has the heart to love and perform.

Ready to meet the SAR Ranch Hands?  Click on the link:

LRH Search and Rescue Dogs


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