What is a 2nd Phase Companion?

Looking to make a difference in a great dog’s life?  Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs specializes in matching our rescue dogs with people just like you!  We are a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit tax id:  82-0817969. All adoption fees go straight back into dogs.

What is a Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dog?dsc01352

Leroy’s dogs are unique friends.  We take in dogs from ranches who are not interested in working and/or retired. These dogs are mainly American Border Collie Association lineage and are rated the #1 most intelligent of all dog breeds.  The ABCA Border Collie is different than the AKC Border Collie in a couple ways:

  1. AKC breeds for looks as top priority. The ABCA breeds for intelligence as top priority.  This is why Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working ABCA Dogs look different than the typical black and white border collies.
  2. ABCA breeds for quiet minds that can analyze a situation. This is paramount for ranch work.  ABCA dogs must be able to think and perform.
  3. ABCA dogs are intrinsically motivated. These Border Collies perform because it is most important to them they please their handler.  They keep constant eye-contact and work to read what you want.  This is the way to their feeling of success.

What this means to you:

DSCN0003When you adopt a Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dog, you are adopting a very special friend whose priority is pleasing you.

In addition to pure intelligence, Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs read your body language and strive to learn what you want them to do.   They will take treats if they feel that pleases you.  But their heart blooms when you reward with praise and love.

Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs usually are not the high-energy Border Collie.  Even though they are bred for drive, sometimes there are those who just want to be a pet.  This is a 2nd Phaser.  Also, remember, ABCA dogs are bred for quiet minds.21039608_10212473543066673_1035254184_n  2nd Phasers THRIVE with personal engagement.

Are you a great match for a Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dog?

Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs works diligently to find the right match for each, individual dog.  The most important factors that I look at are:

  1. Do you understand that a dog is a lifestyle?
  2. How much time do you have a day to invest with your dog? These dogs will become Clivedepressed if they are alone all day. They need you.
  3. How important are tangible things to you? Are you worried about maintaining those beautiful floors, new furniture, etc?  If worst case scenario happens and your dear Leroy Dog welcomes you home with your house in disarray, what is your reaction?
  4. Do you have minors in the house? Leroy’s Dogs are best matched with older children 8+ and adults. post 51

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