2nd Phase Companion Dogs

We have 7 dogs available!  Scroll down for info..Our featured picture for this tab is Mike-For-Sure!  Mike-For-Sure found his new family this summer and is now enjoying life to the full.  He is a great example a good ranch dog who didn’t fit and found his niche.

Call:  208-230-0930  ; 530-534-1863 Email:  leroysranchhands@yahoo.com

Have you served in our country’s military?

Ask us about our Veteran discount!  We hold those whom serve and have served our country in the highest esteem.  Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy every day.

Adoption Application:

2019 Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs Adoption Application

Do you just need a good friend?  Leroy has great companion dogs available for adoption.  Check out his 2nd Phasers at our 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps these great dogs find a new life.


Hold 5 days - $100 NON REFUNDABLE- email leroysranchhands@yahoo.com to check availability


Available Dogs – Scroll down for details

Meet Young Levi!

Looking for a loving, active older pup?  Levi is 5 months, male, and soaks up all the love you can give.  He is energetic and really wants to please.  Levi needs a match who has the time to give him.  He will bond very deeply to his person.

Adoption Fee:  $550

Energy:  High

Age:  5 months

Meet Little Johnnie

Little Johnnie is a full sister to Levi.  She is 5 months, very sweet and adores people.  Johnnie is looking for a match to be with full time.  She will bond deeply to her person.

Adoption Fee:  $550

Energy:  High

Age:  5 months

Meet Maisie!

Maisie is a beautiful 1 year old spayed female and current shots.  Are you looking for the dog who really thinks you hung the moon?  Maisie is full of energy and ready for Spring adventures.  She is a great match for a person who likes to get up and go!  She is best suited for a 1 dog, no cats, no kids lifestyle.

Adoption Fee:  $325

Energy:  High


On Hold  You are going to Love Jewel!

Jewel is precious.  She has stunning golden eyes that hold much wisdom.  Jewel is quiet natured and shy at first but this dog bonds very deeply.  She is kind, intelligent, and ready to find her match.  She is 3 1/2 years old, spayed, and updated on her shots.  Jewel needs a quiet home, no little kids, and cats might be alright; she is scared of them 🙂  If you are looking for a true kindred spirit, Jewel is too 🙂

Adoption Fee:  $550

Energy Level:  Medium


You Have to meet CAROL!

Carol is exceptional.  I am a border collie lover but Carol won my heart.  She is extremely responsive, kind, and has a sense of humor.  She is looking for a single-dog family and is ready for love and tummy rubs.  She is best matched with someone with dog experience and who has time to bond.


Age:  2 Years December 2019

Energy:  Medium


Adoption Fee:  $550

You have to Meet Carol Video

Meet Norman!


This is a Great dog!  Norm is 1 year old, neutered, and updated on his shots.  He is a LOVER and will make a wonderful friend for life. He needs a home where he is the only dog, no cats, and with older kids. Norm is a full-breed American Border Collie Association gentleman 🙂

Age:  1 year


Energy:  Medium

Adoption Fee:  $125


 On Hold Meet Patsy!

Patsy is a FUN-LOVING little girl.  She is 2 years old, spayed, and ready for her home.  This dog is special.  She is super athletic, wicked intelligent, and extremely kind.  If you want a dog who can figure out chess, she is it!  Patsy has her toe removed on her right paw but this doesn’t slow her down.  She’s ready to go or ready for relaxing.  I love this dog!  She needs placed in a 1 dog home, no kids, no cats.

Age:  2 years

Energy:  Medium


Adoption fee:  $550









2018 was an Amazing Year!  Leroy placed 15 2nd Phasers.  Thank you ranchers for these great dogs and Thank you to all the people who fell in love with them too.





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