I Adopted a Leroy Dog!

Nina:  Adopted Jimmy 2019

Jimmy is working so good with Nina!  She left Leroy’s a timid, little girl and now she is blossoming and soaking up that Love. Vivian

Nina 1“I had a great experience adopting Nina from Vivian. I live in Nebraska and the process getting Nina from California to Nebraska was a simple process thanks to Vivian and her husband. When I was looking for dogs I knew what breed I wanted (Border Collie). I was having issues with the adoption process at other adoption places. I had no fence at my house due to just buying it in October 2019. I found Nina on a website and called Vivian immediately and had a phone call with her the following day. Nina 3

Her process was very different from any other process. She wants the best for her dogs but understands that somethings cannot be changed right away. Vivian did a great job training and her price was very fair. I am very happy with Nina. I highly recommend her to anyone. I stay in touch with Vivian all the time and share pictures with her. I highly recommend Vivian and Leroy’s Dog’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs!”

-Jimmy Kazalski

Rose:  Adopted Richard and Tammie 2016


“We go on walks every evening, rain, snow, or whatever. She likes wearing her raincoat. So much less to dry off after our walks in the rain.” – Richard


“Good luck with all your rescues and please let the ranchers and herders know how much we appreciate Them giving a new life for their working dogs!” – Richard and Tammie



Jasper – Adopted Beth 2018

Jasper2“We had a great experience adopting Jasper from Vivian.  We were looking for another Border Collie as we have a both large recreational ranch and live in Silicon Valley.  We did not want a puppy and needed a “started” dog.  Jasper is the perfect town and country dog!
Vivian did a great job matching us to Jasper.Jasper1  The training was helpful, the hand off simple, and her pricing very fair.  We got him as a 15-month old and now that he is almost 3 years, we could not be more pleased.  He is a beautiful, intelligent, and obedient Border Collie!”


Tim – Adopted Tim 2016 🙂

I love this guy!  He’s a little shy and timid, but so am I.  -Tim and Tim


Murphy -Adopted Erin 2019

Erin’s doing a Fantastic job of keeping up with Murphy’s training.  Nice work Erin and Murphy!

“..(Murphy) started b-lining to the road because he was focused and thought his ball was M4headed in that direction. In a panic where he was getting close to the road, I just yelled DOWN and he immediately stopped and downed.” -Erin


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