Hobby Farm Herding Dogs

What is a Hobby Farm Herding Dog?

These are great dogs who work small flocks of sheep or small herds of cows.  These dogs want to work but just can’t keep up with all-day ranch herding.

Meet Babe!

Babe is a sweet 25lb 3 1/2 year old little girl looking for a Hobby Farm.  She needs to downsize from her ranch because this dog will work herself too hard.  She has drive and she is very obedient and loves her special person.  Have a few head of sheep and want to have Babe do the leg-work?  She’s ready!

Babe is spayed and current on shots.

Price:  $849.00



Check out her video!  As always, done with much love and little talent 🙂


Introducing Cheyenne!


DSCN1533This is one of my FAVORITE dogs.  She’s always happy and loves being a pet.  But Cheyenne also is an incredible herding dog.  She is use to working cows and is understanding the different pressure needed to work just a couple head of sheep.  Here’s the deal – not only does Cheyenne apply pressure to move my sheep, she also has figured out when to release that pressure and she now will either naturally lie-down or move out of the sheep’s pressure zone.

Cheyenne is Amazing.

Cheyenne is 5 years old, spayed, and current on shots.

Price:  $649


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