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There is a need to give our kids a fact-based, non-politically motivated education taught by a certified and highly qualified teacher who has content degrees.

Politics hijacked education. No longer can we assume our kids are learning and being held accountable to any standard. 

Schools make their money on attendance; not academic achievement. This means the students who struggle are passed through without learning the subjects and the students who seek an academic challenge are ignored.

Online Private Schools are not the answer many assume they are. 

Online Private Schools are not required to hold any state accreditation nor provide certified teachers.  According to the CDE, the only requirement for an online private school to be registered on the California Department of Education website is to submit a form and provide an address.  This address isn’t even verified.  This same holds true for Illinois.  Texas seems to be a state where there is actual oversight.  Go Texas!

After learning this, I called California State University Admissions office.  Accordingly, CSU does not require HS transcripts from an accredited school; or even a registered school.  Instead, an admission counselor “talks to the student.”  If you are looking at a college, I suggest calling that college and verifying their transcript policy.

Online Private schools are not required to partake in State Assessment Tests.

The door to scams is wide open. This is especially true when looking for an online K-12 Private School. Parents are paying hard-earned money to safeguard their children against the inexcusable challenges of education.

My advice to parents:  Look deeper than the glittery websites and search for their WASC or Cogna accreditation.  Ask the school how they are accredited.  Ask the school if they allow teachers who are not certified in the subject area to teach at any time.

** If the glittery site has Chinese writing on the bottom, translate it!  My last one came up actually from Beijing, China.  Communist China where religion is against the law and Christians, Muslims, and Jews are imprisoned and it is a criminal offense to speak against the Party.  Do you want China teaching your kids?

Solution 1:

There are accredited schools out there!  These are accreditation companies that list schools:  Wasc, Cognia. But again, watch out for the Chinese schools.   

Solution 2:

Attend the Earl Willard Academy

** Please note, we start each session with an internal reflection moment.  This moment is given for individual prayer.  There is more to life than bread alone.

Best of luck to everyone!

Vivian Merkley

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