The Earl Willard Academy Online 2nd-8th Grade School

What We Do!

The Earl Willard Academy sets Middle Schoolers up for success in High Schools that meet the standards of accreditation through:  WASC, COGNIA, and MSA-CESS.

Why this is important

Most Online Private K- 8 Schools are not accredited through the State or an accreditation authority.  Private Schools are not legally required to use certified teachers and are not legally required to take part in the State Assessments.  Finally, colleges focus on transcripts for grades 9-12 when accepting applications.  Thus the extra expense of offering an accredited K-8 school is not legally necessary.

What this means to Parents paying tuition for their children to attend Online Private Schools.

  •  The students may or may not have credentialed teachers teaching students.
  •  The Online Private School curriculum may or may not align with State Standards and State Assessments.  There is no legal requirement for showing proof of grade level achievements.
  • Middle Schoolers may lack the curriculum structure necessary for the student to be admitted in an accredited HS and therefore an accredited college. If the student does get admitted, the student struggles with the structure of accredited schools and with the content.
  • Online Private School is a door open to scams.

What The Earl Willard Academy Offers:

Our students have a content rich learning experience based on our structured curriculum that aligns with State Standards / Assessments and the requirements of WASC, COGIA, and MSA-CESS accredited High Schools.  Our classes are live online sessions with a credentialed teacher. 

The teacher (me!) is an Arizona credentialed and Highly Qualified teacher for grades 5-12 in content areas:  English and Social Studies.  I have taught 6th-12th grades for 12 years.  My academic background is as follows:

Master’s Political Science/Comparative Governments

Master’s US Military History – will complete 5/2022

Bachelors of Science Political Science/History

English – 51 credits (it takes 24 credits to acquire a Bachelor’s – I know!  Put it down to my wild 20’s )

Because the law does not require Private Schools to provide credentialed teachers, I teach 2nd – 12th grades all subjects.  Please note The Earl Willard Academy is not accredited.

These are the accredited Online High Schools The Earl Willard Academy recommends:

VHS Learning

The Massachusetts Mayflower Academy

If your child wants to learn, is respectful, and understands that homework is to be done, I would love to welcome him/her.  I have students across the United States and in all time zones.  I keep my roster at 3 students per session.

** Please note, we start each session with an internal reflection moment.  This moment is given for individual prayer.  There is more to life than bread alone.

Best of luck to everyone!

Vivian Merkley


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