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Personal Bed-Bug Detector – Niles

Meet Niles!

Niles is an adorable registered Toy Australian Shepherd.  He is an IABCA National and International Grand Champion show dog. He is 13.25″ tall. He is also fully trained in bed-bug detection.  Niles prefers to detect for an individual person rather than having to go to work in the busy commercial world.  He will be 2 years old March 11, 2019.

Price:  $6500.00

Search and Rescue


Price:  $12,500

Walter is a strong trailing dog with tremendous drive. Walter scent discriminates in populated Wilderness Trailing scenarios with a cold trail of 2 hours and 1 mile radius. He Urban Trails with a cold trail of 20 minutes, 2 block radius with busy street crossings. This dog is young (born July 2nd, 2016) and from champion stock dog lineage. Walter is incredible to work and a true gentleman with a solid obedience foundation.  Not only is he an intense trailing dog, Walter became a certified Therapy Dog through TDI.  This dog is push button and ready to be your partner and friend.











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