Obedience Clinic & CGC Evaluation

100% of all proceeds support Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs 501(c)(3) non-profit

Individual lessons available for Leroy Dog adopters.  1st lesson, follow-up phone calls, emails free with the adoption.  Let’s get everyone set up for success!  Additional lessons:  $40/hour (rounded up to next hour).

Don’t have a Leroy Dog but would like a lesson with  your dog?  $80/hour (round up to next hour).  Not available for bully breeds.

Obedience Handler Courses use Nature’s K9 Language to communicate pressure-release/spatial authority. How LRH’s Obedience Handler Courses are different than any other obedience class:

  • We provide the dogs to introduce Nature’s K9 Language. This allows you to FEEL how a responsive dog works and UNDERSTAND how to communicate with a truly trained dog.
  • We do not use treats, clickers, prong collars, or shock (remote/e-collar) collars.
  • We teach you how to work with a dog through reading the dog’s body language and engaging its mind and heart.
  • Once you understand the communication, work with one of our 2nd Phase Rescue Dogs or work with your dog! All outside dogs must have shot records that include: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, K9 Hepatitis, Recently Wormed.

Basic Obedience Handler Clinic:  4 hrs      $99/person
Come learn dog language from our Master Dogs and expert Instructors!  This is a fun way to learn Nature’s K9 Language and speak with fluent Master dogs!

Learn with Master Dog

  • What is Leader of the Pack?
  • Why is it important to maintain Leader of the Pack?
  • How do I keep my leadership?
  • Bonding exercises
  • What is Pressure/Release and Space Authority?
    • Correction Command separate from Direct Command
    • Lie Down
    • Here
    • Behind
    • That’ll Do

Field Work:

  • Master Dogs
  • Correction Command separate from Direct Command
  • Lie Down
  • Here
  • Behind
  • That’ll Do

AKC Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs International Standards

  • Introduce test requirements
  • Practice standards with Master Dogs
  • Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs tests

Have a personal dog-friend and want an AKC Good Citizen evaluation? Let us know ahead of time and I am happy to work with you!
Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or dog.  All payments are due in full before start of the clinic and are non-refundable.  CGC evaluations are after clinic and/or with private scheduling.  No bully breed dogs.

Vivian Merkley
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

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