Obedience Clinic & CGC Evaluation

100% of all proceeds support Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs 501(c)(3) non-profit

208-230-0930; email:  leroysranchhands@yahoo.com

Individual lessons available for Leroy Dog adopters.  1st lesson, follow-up phone calls, emails free with the adoption.  Let’s get everyone set up for success!  Additional lessons:  $40/hour (rounded up to next hour).

Don’t have a Leroy Dog but would like a lesson with  your dog?  $80/hour (round up to next hour).  Not available for bully breeds.

Leroy’s Ranch Hands’ (LRH) Obedience Handler Courses use Nature’s K9 Language to communicate pressure-release/spatial authority. How LRH’s Obedience Handler Courses are different than any other obedience class:

  • We provide the dogs to introduce Nature’s K9 Language. This allows you to FEEL how a responsive dog works and UNDERSTAND how to communicate with a truly trained dog.
  • We do not use treats, clickers, prong collars, or shock (remote/e-collar) collars.
  • We teach you how to work with a dog through reading the dog’s body language and engaging its mind and heart.
  • Once you understand the communication, work with one of our 2nd Phase Rescue Dogs or work with your dog! All outside dogs must have shot records that include: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, K9 Hepatitis, Recently Wormed.

Basic Obedience Handler Clinic:  4 hrs      $99/person
Come learn dog language from our Master Dogs and expert Instructors!  This is a fun way to learn Nature’s K9 Language and speak with fluent Master dogs!

Learn with Master Dog

  • What is Leader of the Pack?
  • Why is it important to maintain Leader of the Pack?
  • How do I keep my leadership?
  • Bonding exercises
  • What is Pressure/Release and Space Authority?
    • Correction Command separate from Direct Command
    • Lie Down
    • Here
    • Behind
    • That’ll Do

Field Work:

  • Master Dogs
  • Correction Command separate from Direct Command
  • Lie Down
  • Here
  • Behind
  • That’ll Do

AKC Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs International Standards

  • Introduce test requirements
  • Practice standards with Master Dogs
  • Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs tests

Have a personal dog-friend and want an AKC Good Citizen evaluation? Let us know ahead of time and I am happy to work with you!
LRH reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or dog.  All payments are due in full before start of the clinic and are non-refundable.  CGC evaluations are after clinic and/or with private scheduling.  No bully breed dogs.

Vivian Merkley
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

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