Leroy’s Dogs that Work

What are LRH Dogs that Work?

Leroy’s Ranch Hands (LRH) Dogs that Work are dogs who are not able to meet the rigor of full-time ranch work but still have the drive and the athleticism for performance. It is my vocation to match individualized professional training with each Ranch Hand’s innate desire, aptitude, and temperament. I work to find what the Ranch Hand wants to do and what is fun and healthy for the dog. Want to help a dog who needs a new life and has the heart and desire to perform? Check out our program!
100% of all proceeds support Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs.

Take a look at these amazing performance dogs at:

Leroy’s Dogs that Work!

K9 Environmental Scent Detection
Search and Rescue
Goose Patrol
Therapy/CGC Certification


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