IdahoK9 Institute Handler School

IdahoK9 Institute is an 8 week canine Handler school offering a variety of fun and 28827612_10210995088544252_4912268890282850320_ointeresting courses designed to teach Handlers Nature’s K9 Language. Our school teaches students to listen and respond to the dog’s ques. Once communication between the dog and Handler is accomplished, we teach how to apply these expert Handler skills to Obedience, Scent Detection, Search and Rescue, Service, and Herding. After an intense and fun 8 weeks, you will be a certified handler for: Obedience, Scent Detection, Search and Rescue, Service, and Herding!

IdahoK9 Institute’s Teaching Philosophy focuses on teaching the handler what the dog is saying instead of what the handler is ordering.  When handlers understand Nature’s K9 language, true communication is achieved!



IdahoK9 Institute also has Half Day, 1 Day, and 2 1/2 Day clinics available in the following areas:

IdahoK9 Institute Herding Clinic

IdahoK9 Institute SAR Clinic

Nature’s K9 Language – Obedience

Call:  208-230-0930   Email:


Enjoy beautiful Idaho, professional dogs, and knowledgeable instructors!  Learn from 967194_10201043219833754_326154974_oour Master Instructor, Robin Brown.  She is a national champion stock dog trainer and 3rd generation rancher.  Robin sets the industry standard for Nature’s K9 Language!  Come learn Service and Scent Detection from Associate Instructor, Vivian Merkley!  Vivian works with border collie ranch rescues to give them a new purpose.  She depends Nature’s K9 Language to give her rescues confidence and the feeling of success!


Learn the basics to true obedience handling skills that give full off-leash control, even at an extreme distance!  We provide the dogs! Put the clicker, treat bag, prong collar, andP1070146 e-collar away and engage a dog’s mind and heart. Instead learn Nature’s K9 Language at   IdahoK9 Institute. This communication off-leash control and a confident, happy dog. It will turn an insecure dog into a successful companion.


Call:  208-230-0930   Email:

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