Ranch Hands At Work and Up and Comers

Call:  208-230-0930   Email:  leroysranchhands@yahoo.com

Meet Bed-Bugger Stella!

This little dog is not afraid to sniff out these pesky bed bugs and give peace of mind. If you think you might have bedbugs, call Stella! before spending thousands of dollars to eradicate a pest you might not have. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
Leroy’s Ranch Hands : Call:  208-230-0930   Email:  leroysranchhands@yahoo.com

Stella finds the bed-bug in an incredibly difficult location – in the shade of the lamp!


Meet Leroy’s Search and Rescue Squad!

Walter and Chico are tuned up and ready to find the Lost!  Let us know if we can help!



Service-Mobility Assistant Dogs

In Training


Meet Elvin!

Elvin is 1 year old. He has a quiet temperament and very intelligent mind. Elvin has a solid obedience handle. He matches his pace to the handler’s and is very polite. Elvin has been in elevators, down-town major cities, and restaurants. He continues his intense socialization training. He will be certified as a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs International and will be an AKC certified Good Citizen before his Service Dog Technical Training.

Current Price: $3500.00

Current Training Includes:

Verbal Commands: Lie-Down, Recall, Imbedded Stay, Place, Behind

Silent Hand Signals: Lie-Down, Recall, Imbedded Stay, Place, Behind

Finished Mobility Assist Service Dog Price: $8500.00

Commands: Switch, Pick, Door, Nine

Elvin is beginning his technical training. He will be able to track a wheel-chair, turn light switches on and off, pick up dropped items, open doors, and dial Dog 911.




Meet Beigly!


Beigly is a 10 month old beagle.  She is a natural bedbugger!  Beigly makes her finds consistently in training – even hidden under thick covers.  This sweet little girl will make a great business partner and family member.  She is studying hard for her NESDCA team certification with trainer/handler, Vivian Merkley.


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