1-3 Day Clinics

If you’re like me, you want options!  Check out our Custom Clinic Option.  Choose your class(s) and time.



**If you have a self-contained RV, we have beautiful dry-camp spaces available for clients.  Non-bully breed dogs welcome at campsites.

1 Day Clinic:  $85.00

2 Day Clinic:  $175.00

3 Day Clinic:  $250.00



Obedience:  Want to know how to have an off-leash partner who is tuned into your every move?  Come learn Nature’s K9 Language.  

Trailing:  Are you interested in K-9 Search and Rescue?  Come learn how to train dogs to find lost people.  This is an intense and fun clinic.  Learn from Walter and Chico then apply their technique to your dog.

Basic Herding 101:  Do you have a few head of sheep and want to stand at the gate while your dog brings them to you?  Come learn basic herding skills!


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